Thursday 18, August 2022

2023 will be SRK's year

News Desk: Shahrukh Khan is a name that does not need an introduction. The most famous superstar from the Indian subcontinent has mesmerised the world for more than two decades.

Most of his films are hits; witnessing failures in Bollywood is a rarity for him. However, after the box office failure of Zero in 2018, SRK has taken almost five years of hiatus from acting, remaining busy mostly with his production house, Red Chilies Entertainment.

Having been unheard of for a long time, SRK announces three films within three months in 2022, emerging the hype of Shahrukh Khan films among the audience of the subcontinent once again.


Jawan is the latest buzz in Bollywood, starring Shahrukh Khan. Although two more SRK films have been announced before, this garnered much attention due to hints of being an action thriller film.

Khan’s action thrillers most of the time became successful in the past since Don in 2006. Directed by the famous Tamil-language film director Atlee, Jawan looks promising as it may have the South Indian style action sequences, which the audience generally enjoys.

Setting to be released on June 2 next year, only this film can tell if the combination of SRK with South Indian movie direction is successful or not.


Announced on March 2, 2022, Pathaan is set in a patriotic tone where Shahrukh Khan is the lead actor alongside other famed Bollywood stars like John Abraham and Deepika Padukone.

This is the first film of SRK to be announced in 2022, depicting the superstar as the long-haired muscular hero with no name, who fights for his country.

With January 25, 2023, as the release date, this Action Drama would be the first film of SRK after five years of Zero.


Rajkumar Hirani has been known for his films with comedic and sentimental value for almost two decades. He has been immortalised among subcontinent audiences for notable films like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., 3 Idiots, PK, etc.

On April 19, Rajkumar Hirani’s latest film was announced, starring Shahrukh Khan and under his production house, Red Chilies Entertainment. This is the first time Bollywood would pair up with Raju Hirani, albeit he had this opportunity before to work in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. or 3 Idiots.

The plot of Dunki is said to be based on the phenomenon ‘Donkey Flight,’ where Punjabi youths illegally travel to multiple destinations to reach their desired countries like Canada when the legal attempts fail.

The film bears a social message for the audience, which Rajkumar Hirani usually does in his movies. Set to be released on December 23 next year, this film can prove the success of the director collaborating with SRK for the first time.

After his stumble in 2018, only time will tell if 2023 will really be the comeback year for the ‘King of Romance,’ who, as it looks like from the current lineup, has turned into an action hero.


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