Saturday 24, September 2022

372 migrants rescued off Tunisia, Greece

News Desk: Tunisian coastguards ‘rescued’ more than 250 migrants who were attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Italy, the National Guard said on Sunday while the Greek coastguard said 122 migrants were rescued near Rhodes.

Maritime authorities ‘were able to rescue 255 would-be migrants, including 170 people of various African nationalities, with the remainder Tunisians,’ the National Guard said in a statement on Facebook.

The attempted crossings 17 in total took place on the night of Friday to Saturday from the east of Tunisia, according to National Guard spokesman Houcem Eddine Jebabli.

The statement did not indicate whether any vessels had got into difficulty or sunk, but did note that an unspecified sum of cash was seized during the operations.

The National Guard also on Friday carried out a ‘pre-emptive operation’, arresting five people who were ‘preparing to lead an illegal immigration bid departing from the coast of Sousse province in the east of the country’, Jebabli said.

The Tunisian coastguard announced in mid-July that 455 migrants had been ‘rescued’ in several operations off the northern, eastern and southern coasts of the country.

Attempts by migrants to reach Europe from the North African coastline tend to increase in spring and summer, due to the lower risk of stormy seas.

Tunisia and Libya are principal departure points and Italy a favoured destination.

The Greek coastguard on Sunday said 122 migrants were rescued near Rhodes after their vessel ran into trouble.

The migrants, who had set off from neighbouring Turkey, were picked up Saturday by a passing Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship, they said.

The migrants were then transferred to a Greek coastguard patrol boat and taken to the island of Kos.

No details were immediately available on the nationalities and gender of the group or the type of vessel transporting them.


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