Wednesday 29, June 2022

4 endangered sea turtles found dead at Kuakata beach in 4 days

Time Digital Report: Two endangered species of sea turtles were found dead on Kuakata beach in Patuakhali on Friday.

With this, a total of four turtles of the same species washed ashore dead on the beach in the last four days, reports our Patuakhali correspondent quoting Sagarika Smriti, an associate researcher at the World Fish Bangladesh project.

Earlier, on March 21, two dead turtles floated in the tide and got stuck on the beach at the Gangamati area of the beach.

All the four turtles are endangered species of the olive ridley turtle family, said Smriti.

"We have collected samples of these turtles," she said, adding that the samples will be sent to the forensic lab of the forest department in the Sundarbans.

She added that they might have died after being stuck in a trap. The turtles died one or two days back.

Local fishermen said the dead turtles, weighing around 20 to 25 kgs respectively, were spotted in the dunes at the west of Kuakata Beach.

Piyush Kanti Hari, a former associate professor of the Department of Biology at Patuakhali Government College, said the breeding season for such turtles is mainly winter. They eat shrimp, lobster, snails, oysters, worms, jellyfish, fish, fish eggs and algae.

They could have died by being caught in fishermen's nets in the sea. They live in shallow areas of the sea, he added.


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