Thursday 23, March 2023

Deepanwita Martin on her first National Award

Deepanwita Martin won the Best Actress National Film Award for her role in noted director Gazi Rakayet's "Gor" (The Grave), recently. This is a first-time win for the promising actress on the prestigious platform. In a candid chat, she shares her excitement about the win, and more.

How do you feel about winning the National Film Award?

This award is one of my greatest professional achievements. When I first got the news, I was completely speechless. My loved ones, and friends from the media have been sending me their best wishes. My heart is full. I am elated that my work has been recognised and appreciated.

How would you describe Gazi Rakayet as a director?

Gazi Rakayet is an exceptional human being. The credit for my National Film Award goes to him. He made "Gor" with great passion and care. He is also an actor himself, so he understands what his actors need, as a director. His films always have something out of the ordinary to offer to the audience.

How was your experience of working on "Gor"?

I believe the story of "Gor" is one that people will be able to connect to. I got plenty of opportunities to showcase my acting range in this film, and tried my best to play the role well. Now, I am enjoying the fruits of my labour (smiles).

Do you feel a greater sense of responsibility, after winning the National Film Award?

Yes, I do, to a certain extent. I have been committed to doing good work since the start of my career, and I hope to continue with the same passion. Creatively engaging experiences allow artistes to thrive.

Moving forward, what are your aspirations regarding films?

 I have done only a few films so far, and I won the National Award for a movie that I think is brilliant. I hope more such films come my way, and I get to choose well-written stories and characters.