Saturday 24, September 2022

Authority banned on bikes, trucks on highways for 7 days

News Desk: Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has decided to suspend the movement of motorcycles, trucks, lorries, and covered vans for 7 days, aiming to ensure road safety during the Eid rush.

The movement of the vehicles will be suspended from 7 July to 13 July, BRTA issued a notification in this regard on Wednesday.

Trucks carrying food, essentials, perishables, garment materials, medicines, fertilizers, raw hides and skins, and fuel will be exempt from this restriction.

Bike ride-sharing services will also remain suspended during the same period, the statement also added.

Bikes registered under a particular district won't be allowed to operate outside those districts. Two-wheelers under ride-sharing services will not operate beyond their permitted territory.

No goods carrier vehicles will be allowed to carry passengers.


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