Saturday 3, June 2023

Bengali web series 'Karagar' reviews in Times of India

Time News Desk: Syed Ahmed Shawki's second web project 'Karagar' stunned the audience, since it began streaming on Hoichoi. The series, boasts a unique storyline, star-studded cast and a professional team work by Noir Films.

Recently, Times of India, one of the leading news agencies in India, published a review of the show titled, "Karagar Season 1 Review: An explosive start to a promising new series". The article highlights the creative efforts of the project, appreciating the energy and coordination of the team. It is rated 4/5, by the critics' evaluation.

The reviewer praises Chanchal Chowdhury for his outstanding performance from "Taqdeer" to "Karagar", as the post reads "If you have been following the recent performances of Chanchal Chowdhury, and had a chance to watch Taqdeer, where he worked with Syed Ahmed Shawki, then you would probably know the magic they can create together. In 'Karagar', that magic is amplified by stellar performances from a cast that's expertly handled by the director to extract some of the finest performances in recent web series history."

From the cinematographer Barkat Hossain Palash to the writer Neamoth Ullah Masum, everybody was mentioned for creating a near-flawless production, and successfully being able to create a hype and curiosity amongst the audience.

The reviewer, Poorna Banerjee states, "It is a visual treat to watch Chanchal Chowdhury execute an almost impossible job and perhaps delivering one of the most significant and nuanced performances of his life."

It is a great sign for the OTT industry, which has been successfully reaching the international audience and grabbing an attention that it deserves.


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