Saturday 24, September 2022

BNP asks permanent solution to floods

News Desk: BNP senior leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Saturday emphasised taking effective steps, including the construction of sustainable dams, as a permanent solution to recurring floods in the country’s Sylhet region.

‘Effective initiatives need to be taken to find a permanent solution so that the people of this (Sylhet) region do not face such catastrophic floods in the future,’ he said.

The BNP leader said dredging rivers and digging canals are necessary to maintain the normal flow of water from the mouths of different rivers to the downstream areas. ‘Besides, sustainable dams must be built at some points so that a vast area downstream is not submerged during the rainy season.’

He hoped that if the BNP regained power, it would take effective measures to end the region’s flood problem.

Gayeshwar, a BNP standing committee member, said these while talking to reporters after distributing relief materials among the flood victims at Lalpur Bazar in the sadar upazila arranged by Bangladesh Nari O Shishu Odhikar Forum.

He said that BNP leaders and activists had been distributing relief materials as per the directives of their acting chairman, Tarique Rahman, from the beginning of the flood.

‘Around 40 per cent of the people of the country still remain marooned, but the ruling Awami League is not standing by them. In fact, it’s not the government of the people. This is a government for money launderers and human traffickers. So, the BNP is now there beside the flood victims as a party of people,’ the BNP leader said.

Slamming the government for what he said is indulging in repressive acts, Gayeshwar said, BNP leaders and activists have become helpless as they have long been subjected to killings, enforced disappearances, attacks, and ‘false’ cases.

He called upon people from all walks of life to get united and wage a strong movement to get rid of the ‘misrule’ of the current regime and establish a pro-people government through a credible election under a non-party administration.


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