Monday 29, May 2023

Border killing: BGB, BSF may call on flag meeting

Time Digital News: Border Guard Bangladesh and India’s Border Security Force are expected to hold a flag meeting today over an incident that occurred along the Bangladesh-India border on Wednesday.

On September 7, 2022, a BSF patrol team was performing duties in AOR of BOP Hariharpur 174 Bn RGJ.

At about 9:05pm they observed about 9-10 Bangladeshi ‘smugglers’ approaching the fence to receive some consignment, according to BSF.

The patrol team challenged them to stop but the ‘smugglers’ tried to encircle one of the BSF jawans, it claimed.

On observing the jawan being surrounded, his colleague threw a stun grenade to disperse the ‘smugglers’ but they did not pay heed and closed in more tightly, BSF added.

On seeing the aggression of the ‘smugglers’ the jawan fired one round of PAG in the air, but they kept closing in, it said.

To deescalate the situation, the jawan again fired another round of PAG towards the ‘smugglers’.

Despite several warnings the ‘smugglers’ apparently tried to capture the jawan and his weapon.

The jawan fired in self defence when the ‘smugglers’ tried to grab his rifle and the bullet directly hit the man who was holding his rifle. The man died on the spot, according to BSF.

On hearing the sound of firing and seeing their associate getting hit, the other ‘smugglers’ escaped towards the Bangladesh side, it said.

Identity of the deceased ‘smuggler’ is yet to be confirmed by the BGB authorities, BSF said.

Upon searching the nearby area, a wire cutter, an iron rod, tortoise shells, 50 bottles of Phensedyl and two mobile phones were also recovered from the site.

A thorough search of the whole area is being carried out, BSF said.


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