Monday 27, June 2022

Brand Bangladesh as powerful peace promoting country

News Desk:President M Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday extended heartiest congratulations and felicitations to all members of the UN peacekeeping missions, marking the 'International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers-2022' to be observed today in Bangladesh and elsewhere across the globe.

In separate messages, they recalled all the valiant members of UN peacekeepers who made supreme sacrifices for upholding world peace and paid deep homage to them.

On the occasion, the President, in his message, said "I welcome the initiative of observing the 'International Day of UN Peacekeepers- 2022' in Bangladesh as elsewhere of the world".

He said, "I would like to convey my heartiest congratulations to the UN peacekeeping members, including Bangladesh. I also pay my deep homage to the valiant peacekeepers who had to make supreme sacrifices for upholding world peace".

Bangladesh has emerged as a country of peace and communal harmony around the world, he said, adding the peacekeepers of Bangladesh have been able to attain credibility by dint of their highest standard of professionalism, devotion and bravery since their first engagement to UN peacekeeping operations in 1988.

"The outstanding contribution of our peacekeepers as one of the largest troops contributing nations, has upheld the image of Bangladesh at international arena," Abdul Hamid added.

Bangladeshi peacekeepers, performing their duties with honesty, devotion and professionalism, will be able to continue this trend in establishing world peace, harmony and amity in the days to come, the head of the state said.

In her message, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina proudly recalled the impressive role of Bangladesh in the UN peacekeeping operations with extending her heartiest greetings to all Bangladeshi peacekeeping members.

The premier said, "I am happy to know that the 'International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers-2022' is being observed in Bangladesh on

May 29 as elsewhere in the world".

Sheikh Hasina recalled with profound respect those peacekeepers who have sacrificed their lives for the world peace and made the country's flag brighter in the globe.

"I solemnly pray for the salvation of their departed souls and convey my wholehearted sympathy to their bereaved family members," the Prime Minister added.

Bangladesh became the member of the United Nations on September 17 in 1974.

On September 25 in 1974, the Greatest Bangalee of all times, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in his historic speech in Bangla at the UNGA expressed firm commitment of Bangladesh's continued support to establishing peace all over the world, she mentioned.

Sheikh Hasina said since then Bangladesh has been maintaining good relations with all friendly and peace-loving countries in the world and taking part actively in all programmes under the UN in promoting and protecting global peace.

"Bangladesh today has become one of the largest troops contributing nations in the UN peacekeeping missions. The unique contribution of our peacekeepers in the UN missions and multinational forces has brightened the image of the nation and made Bangladesh a dignified country in the world," the premier said.

At the same time, it played an important role in strengthening diplomatic ties with the powerful nations of the world, she said, adding, moreover, "Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladeshi peacekeepers in different parts of the world have been working with high standard of professionalism, efficiency and dedication for the cause of establishing peace, and have won the trust and confidence of the people of those country's by restoring peace to the war ravaged countries."

The pride and dignity that Bangladesh has gained today as an actively participating country in promoting peace around the world is the outcome of outstanding professionalism, courage, bravery and skills or our peacekeepers, Sheikh Hasina said.

"On behalf of the government and the people of Bangladesh, I reiterate my full support to the UN for the protection and promotion of world peace. The Awami League government will continue its all efforts to ensure that Bangladeshi peacekeepers can respond to the call of the UN with more confidence. I hope that our peacekeepers will establish Bangladesh as a powerful peace building nation in the world through their expertise, professionalism, courage and dedication in the UN peacekeeping operations, and will further brighten the country's image in the world," Sheikh Hasina added.

The prime minister hoped that the peacekeepers will help establish Bangladesh as a powerful peace-building country in the world through their expertise, professionalism and dedication in the UN Peacekeeping operations and would further brighten the country's image in the world.

The President and Prime Minister wished the 'International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers-2022' a grand success and well-being of all peacekeepers.


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