Wednesday 7, June 2023
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Thursday 1, June 2023

10 things you should know about Kabin-Nama

Discover 10 vital elements of Kabin-Nama, the marriage contract in Bangladesh, including dower, divorce rights, witnesses, and customisation options, enabling couples to shape their union with clarit…


Monday 29, May 2023

Sobia Ameen
Sobia Ameen in partnership with Estee Lauder India

Bangladeshi influencer Sobia Ameen partnered with Estee Lauder for the latest campaign of their Double Wear Foundation.


Sunday 28, May 2023

5 life lessons you can learn from Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is more relatable to us than one might think and his stories have many life lessons to impart.


Tuesday 23, May 2023

5 ways to revamp your dining table for parties

Ways to revamps and decorate your dining table to make it suitable for hosting dinner parties and guests.


Monday 22, May 2023

5 psychological
Things you need to know about sensitive children

This article will cover 5 psychological tricks of losing weight — reducing portion size, replacing bad food with good alternatives, sleeping properly, exercising in moderation, and motivating oneself…


Sunday 21, May 2023

Guide for new mums


Sunday 14, May 2023

5 fashion
5 fashion inspirations from George Clooney

George Clooney has definitely set some fashion standards over the years with his personal sense of fashion and we are all here for it. Whether it is a casual day out or a special event, you can alway…


Sunday 7, May 2023

the sea
Love for the sea


Tuesday 18, April 2023