Tuesday 27, September 2022

CEC urges not to demand anything beyond our purview

News Desk: Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal on Thursday urged political parties not to request the Election Commission for anything that was beyond its jurisdiction and a matter of political settlement.

He made the request during a dialogue with the Bangladesh National Awami Party Bangladesh NAP as part of the commission’s ongoing talks with political parties ahead of the next general election.

The Gono Forum and the Bangladesh Tariqat Federation also took part in the talks with the commission while the Communist Party of Bangladesh stayed away from the dialogue on the day.

‘The government will be there during the election. I need its help. If political stability can be brought back by changing the electoral system, then I think it can be a big achievement on your part as a political leadership. You should discuss it yourselves. A proper system will ensure fair elections,’ he said.

The CEC said, ‘We believe that the parliamentary polls should be effective. From this point of view, we have to be representative, balanced as much as possible, that is desirable.’

Responding to a proposal from the Bangladesh NAP, the CEC said that the proposal to have a three-member panel of returning officers, including on from the armed forces, was new.

‘If there is a provision to keep the presence of armed forces, if we can keep it, it will be beneficial for elections,’ he added.


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