Sunday 26, March 2023

Chair thrown in AL Rally, 6 injured

Time Digital Report: Six people were injured by chairs threwing between the two groups of Awami League in the triennial conference in Chuadanga district.

This incident happened on Monday (December 12) around 9 o'clock.

Awami League leaders and activists started entering the conference venue on Monday morning around 9:30 while there was an argument between the two groups of the district Awami League regarding entry and sitting on the chair. Later, there was great excitement at the conference venue as they were involved in clashed at one stage. The police came and brought the situation under control, according to police sources.

The injured persons are, Chuadanga district Chhatra League former president Mohaimen Hasan Joardar Anik, former general secretary Tarek Hasan, Chhatra League leaders Feroz Joardar, Raju Ahmed, Hirak and Swapan. They have been admitted to Chuadanga Sadar Hospital.

Chuadanga Police Superintendent Abdullah Al Mamun said, I saw in the video footage that there were two groups taking seats in the conference. However, I do not know who was beaten and when they were admitted to the hospital. I am looking into the matter.


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