Monday 5, June 2023

Dhaka urges Qatar for more LNG

Time Digital News: Amid rising prices of fuel, Bangladesh has requested Qatar to export LNG to it so it can meet the demand for industrial growth in the country.

Shahriar Alam, state minister for foreign affairs, made the request to his Qatari counterpart Soltan bin Saad Al- Muraikhi during the second Foreign Office Consultations meeting between the two countries in Doha yesterday.

Bangladesh has been importing LNG [liquefied natural gas] from Qatar since 2018 under a 15-year agreement signed in 2017 to get a supply of 1.8-2.5 million metric tons of LNG annually.

Now, with the global price hike of fuel and disruptions to supplies due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Bangladesh is looking for alternative sources of energy at low cost.


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