Friday 24, March 2023

Dr. Rabb led panel boycotts DU Senate election

Time Digital Report: The independent Panel headed by Dr. Mohammad Abdur Rab, the former professor of Dhaka University (DU) boycotted the senate election.

Dr. Abdur Rob announced this in a press conference at National Press Club on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Abdur Rob said our candidates are being harassed in various ways around the election. One candidate has already been arrested. Other candidates are also being harassed at home. Besides, our supporters, voters and workers are also being harassed. Many cannot stay at home. In view of this, there is no possibility of a fair election. So we are boycotting the election.

In a written statement Dr Abdur Rob said, Dhaka University is the highest university in Bangladesh. The graduates who pass out from here play a role in the management of the country from important positions in all fields, including the political, administrative, economic and cultural fields of the country.

He also said that the students and teachers of this university have contributed a lot in the great liberation war of Bangladesh. The role of this institution in all democratic movements against bad governance is undeniable.

He said that since the elected senate members have an important role in the management of Dhaka University, therefore the DU Senate Election-2023, organized with the aim of electing 25 registered graduate representatives, demands a lot of importance.

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to participate in the upcoming Registered Graduate Representative Election-2023. But like other elections in the country, there is no opportunity to do election work in a normal and relaxed environment.

Since the finalization of the list of candidates for the election, harassment has been going on in various ways. Many of the candidates and voters are unable to stay safely at home, Dr Rob added.

We cannot at all believe that the voters will be able to come to the polling stations and cast their votes in a fair and festive atmosphere. No educated, conscientious and conscious person can participate in the upcoming senate elections of Dhaka University in such fragile and unsafe conditions. In this situation, we are rejecting 25 candidates from Dhaka University Senate Election-2023.

The boycotter candidates are Mohammad Abdur Rob, Umme Kulsum Rowzatur Romman, Muhammed Muazzam Hossain, A.B.M. Fazlur Karim, Md. Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan, Md. Atiar Rahman, Md. Moazzam Hossain, Mohammad Shohidul Islam, Md. Khalilur Rahman, Md. Nur Nobi, Md. Yousuf Ali, A.K.M. Rafiqun Nabi, Md. Abdul Matin Khan, Muhammad Shariful Islam, Kazi Md. Barkat Ali, Md. Abdul Basat Khan, Md. Shafiqul Alam Helal, Md. Abdul Hannan, Md. Ahsan Habib, Md. Amjad Hossain Khan, Habiba Akhter Chowdhury, Subikunnahar, Md. Nazim Uddin, Md. Abdul Mannan, Mohammad Nurul Huda.

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