Monday 5, June 2023

EC's roadmap for national polls

Time Digital News: The Election Commission on Wednesday announced its roadmap to hold the 12th parliamentary polls in December 2023 or January 2024

While unveiling the 20-page roadmap of the EC, the commission said that the schedule for the next general election would be announced in November 2023.

Election commissioner M Alamgir said that if the action plan was implemented properly, the election would be fair and impartial.

‘Many suggestions of the political parties have not been taken as they conflict with the Constitution,’ he said.

Election commissioner Rasheda Sultana said that it was not possible for the EC alone to implement this action plan and cooperation from all the stakeholders was a must.

Election commissioner Ahsan Habib said that the next general election would be fair and impartial even if it was not exceptional.

Chief election commissioner Habibul Awal was not present at the programme due to illness.


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