Thursday 23, March 2023

Edible oil price hike: Mixed reaction in social media

Time Digital Report: The price of commodities are the far beyond of mass people for a long period in Bangladesh. Essential goods price hike has been routine during the ruling government after regular interval. The purchase capacity of the people has been reduced due to Covid-19. Through this worst economic situation, the people treat the edible oil price increase as “To pour water on a drowned mouse”. Common mob expresses their opinion in different angles in the social media.

Barrister Sayedul Haque Suman said in his face book post, “Oil prices are higher than Morocco, does it same progress to the world?”


Cooking is made without onion, cooking is also made without oil.

Beguni ( brinjal fried by pea flour and oil) is been without brinjal.

If food crises are seen then she will say man can live without eating.

If the previous price of oil is Tk 100 and the current price is Tk 198, how does the cost of oil consumption remain unchanged by using it in percentage?

Cooking can be done without using oil. There is no base for saying that soybean oil is essential to cook. You can also cook with petrol, diesel, kerosene, octane. We did it before. Bangladeshi people are waiting for this type of speech from Hasu Apa’s (Sheikh Hasina).

Cooking may be without using oil, we did it so.

Let the people to die but Awami Business League to increase the price.


Once It was said, “Eat more potatoes, reduce stress on rice”

Then she echoed, “Cooking can be made without onion."

Now she said, “Make Beguni by pumpkin without eggplant.”

She would say in future ,“Why do we wear clothes? We can live without clothes. She will do it same in home.”

Those who have a minimum knowledge of economics will understand it better.

It is just a matter of time to be like Sri Lanka borrowed for mega project.

Note: Sri Lanka’s per capita income is higher than Bangladesh.

The declaration is coming! Cooking can also done without oil. We do eat without oil.

When the price of onion was increased, Sheikh Hasina said, "Cooking is been without onion."

Now raising the price of brinjal said, "Beguni is been without brinjal."

After raising the price of oil she said, "Cooking is been without oil."

Fortunately she didn't talk about the raising of gas in parliament, "Cooking is made without fire in our house .We cook just by the hit of sun."

Curry is cooked without onion and oil. We are watching now, Beguni is processed without brinjal. Isn't rice (boiled rice) cooked without rice? My appeal to Prime Minister to show us, "how to make rice (boiled rice) without rice? So as to common people will get benefit.

The news is prepared by S M Shahjahan Kabir and edited by Gazi Anowarul Hoque.

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