Friday 24, March 2023

EVM will be used in 50-70 seats in nat'l polls

Time Digital Report: The Election Commission (EC) has decided to use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in at least 50 to 70 constituencies for the upcoming 12th national polls. In this case, the final decision will be taken depending on how many machines are usable.

Election Commissioner Begum Rasheda Sultana told reporters at her office in the Election Commission building today.

The EC had applied to the government for a project worth Tk 8,711.44 crore for purchasing and maintenance of 2 lakh new machines for voting in EVMs in 150 seats. The government decided not to process the project due to financial crisis on January 22.

However, the EC has decided to vote in as many seats as possible with the ongoing EVM project as they has not yet determined how many seats this device can be used.

Rasheda Sultana said, I have not said whether I will vote with the EVMs we have as there is plenty of time. Currently it is seen how many EVMs are usable. In this case, I think, 50 to 70 seats may cover, she told.

Election Commission bought one and lack EVM machine from Bangladesh Tools and Factory in national polls in 2018. We have completed various local government elections including national elections, by-elections, city corporation elections of the last national parliament. Besides, the commission is also examining, how many machines can be used for the election of the parliament, she also added.


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