Monday 5, June 2023

Facebook infected by an algorithm bug that has broken News Feed widely

Time Desk Report: If you are facing or coming across endless posts from celebrity accounts on your Facebook Feed, you are not alone! Facebook is currently experiencing a bizarre bug that has been causing the News Feed muddle. Multiple sources who attempted to use the social media network this morning experienced the same problem. Their main News Feed is flooded with minor posts sent to pages for artists like Gordon Ramsey, Rihanna, and Lewis Hamilton.

Facebook users took this bug to their advantage and are now sending memes to celebrities that they know will be shared far and wide. One widely shared image which is popping up on various News Feeds is a picture of a turkey sandwich with the caption, "If you see this, share it to another celebrity Facebook page, keep the turkey sandwich moving." It seems everyone that follows that celebrity will then see the image in their feed.

Google also faced a similar issue where it crashed and caused an influx of memes. Not being the first big tech screw-up in the month of August, Google was able to repair its issue in under an hour. In contrast to that, Facebook took its sweet time. While Instagram, Meta Group's other social media platform, seems to be having no issues with its News Feed, it is clear that it may be a glitch solely on Facebook.

Meta was yet to publicly address the issue, at the time of writing.

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