Saturday 10, December 2022

Flood victims need Tk 545cr for rehabilitation

News Desk: As much as USD 58.4 million or Tk 545 crore will be needed to provide humanitarian support, including relief and rehabilitation for flood victims.

This figure was stated by the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office's Humanitarian Coordination Task Team in a report published on Sunday. Food and nutrition assistance is the biggest need, with USD 18.5 million needed to support around half a million people.

Shelter is the second biggest need, calling for USD 17 million for 2.5 lakh people whose homes have been destroyed. "As of now, it is unclear how these many people have been permanently displaced from the flash flood. Once flood water recedes, a clearer scenario of houses damaged will have appeared," said the report.

The third biggest need involves hygiene, safe drinking water and sanitation services, and to meet this need USD 8.5 million will be needed.

"According to initial assessments from DPHE, it [the floods] left 45,976 water points damaged and 50,885 latrines damaged. Unaddressed, this can lead to widespread contamination and spread of water-borne disease."

Education, health and displacement management collectively need USD 4.6 million.

Compared to the vast need the government's own response has been inadequate, with the government having mobilised Tk 4.67 crore (half million USD) and 3,720 tonnes of rice during the floods as of data from June 26, said a report published by Needs Assessment Working Group.


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