Monday 5, June 2023

FM Momen not accompanying PM

Time Digital News: Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen did not accompany Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her four-day state visit to India, sources said.

Momen was dropped from the trip at the last moment as his recent comments on India-Bangladesh relation created widespread criticism inside and outside the country, sources said.

The foreign minister at a press briefing yesterday (September 4, 2022) told media that he was going to India.

Momen's wife Selina Momen was also supposed to go to India as part of the PM's entourage.

Usually, when the head of government goes on a state visit, the foreign minister accompanies.

Meanwhile, family sources of the foreign minister said that Momen is sick and that's why he cancelled the trip.

The foreign ministry officials also declined to make any comment on record.


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