Monday 29, May 2023

“Foreign Minister not a party member, AL shouldn’t be embarrassed”

Awami League Presidium Member Abdur Rahman says

Time Digital report:Awami League Presidium Member Abdur Rahman today (August 20, 2022) said Foreign Minister Abdul Momen is not a party member and so there is no reason to misunderstand Awami League for the statement he made on seeking India's help in sustaining the government.

"He is not of our party. But we would request him to be responsible," he told reporters when asked if Awami League is embarrassed about the foreign minister's recent comments.

At the opening ceremony of Janmashtami festival at JM Sen Hall in Chattogram on Thursday (August 18, 2022), Foreign Minister Abdul Momen said he has requested the Indian government to do whatever is necessary for the continuation of Sheikh Hasina's government.

"I went to India and said Sheikh Hasina's continuation must be ensured. She is our role model. If her continuation is ensured, our country will stride towards development and become a truly non-communal country," he said.

The statement triggered widespread criticism, with the analysts saying the foreign minister's statement is damaging to diplomatic relations with India as well as an issue of dignity for Bangladesh as a nation.

Abdur Rahman said his party colleagues have requested Momen not to make any such comments, but have not provided any formal instruction.

"But, surely our prime minister will look into it as he is a cabinet member," he told reporters after attending a discussion commemorating August 15, by Bangladesh Awami League International Affairs Sub-committee, at Bangabandhu Memorial Museum today.

He said from the party level he can say it was not a party statement. "Our party thinks India is our close and time-tested friend. We cannot forget the contribution India made during 1971."

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