Sunday 2, April 2023

Former BCL leader snatched from RAB

Time Digital Report: Chhatra League leaders Abdur Rauf allegedly snatched an expelled leader of their organisation from Rab in Bogura yesterday but the law enforcers claimed that the leader was detained due to mistaken identity and was instantly released.

Abdur Rauf, former general secretary of the Government Azizul Haque College Chhatra League, is also the prime accused in a murder case.

Eyewitnesses said a team of Rab went to Satmatha where Chhatra League was holding a rally yesterday afternoon. Rauf was close to the stage of the rally.

When a member of the team was taking Rauf away, Chhatra League activists surrounded him and snatched Rauf away.

Several policemen were present at the scene, they said.

The Chhatra League activists then started chanting "Joy Bangla".

Footage of the incident went viral in social media.

Rab-12 Company Commander Squadron Leader Touhidul Mobin Khan told, "We did not go to arrest this expelled leader of Chhatra League. The name of the person we went to arrest is also Abdur Rauf, a suspected fraud. While talking to him we learnt that their fathers' names do not match. So, he was let go."

When asked about Rauf being snatched from Rab, he said, "There was a rally of Chhatra League going on when we caught him. They thought we were going to take him, so they took him from Satmatha."

Bogra District Chhatra League General Secretary Al Mahidul Islam Joy told media, "Abdur Rauf is not a member of our Chhatra League. He is a former Chhatra League leader RAB members were talking to him and at that time our boys talked to Rab and got him back."


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