Friday 3, February 2023

Govt increases per kg LPG by 4tk

Time Digital Report: The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) on Sunday today raised the price of liquefied petroleum gas by 4tk per kg, setting the new price of the cylinder at Tk 1,297.

This was the second consecutive month that the price of a 12-kg LPG cylinder increased. A 12-kg LPG cylinder cost Tk 1,200 in October.

Bangladesh makes adjustment of the LPG price every month to the international market price.

‘The increase is because of a hike in the international market price,’ said BERC chairman Abdul Jalil.

He said that the dollar also became costly compared with the previous month contributing to the new price.

12-kg LPG cylinders are mostly used for cooking in households.

The dollar price was calculated at Tk 106.25, up from Tk 105.22, for fixing the new LPG price.

The 12-kg LPG cylinder is one of the 13 categories of LPG cylinders, the prices of which have been adjusted every month since April 2021.

The new price of LPG, used by automobiles, has been fixed at Tk 60.41 per litre, up from Tk 58.28 fixed in the previous month.

The price of a kilogramme of reticulated liquid LPG gas has been fixed at Tk 104.85, up from Tk 101.02.

LPG cylinders sold in 12 other categories ranging between 5.5 kilogrammes and 45 kilogrammes will now cost consumers between Tk 594 and Tk 4,864.


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