Saturday 10, December 2022

Govt rejects TIB report: Wheat imports from Russia

Time Digital News: The government on Monday rejected the report of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) on wheat purchase at a higher price from Russia.

"TIB's report on wheat purchase at a higher rate from Russia is baseless and will only create confusion," Food Secretary Md Ismail Hossain told the media at his Bangladesh Secretariat office.

"We (the government) are purchasing wheat from Russia. The price is competitive and we reject TIB's report on wheat pricing," he maintained.

Earlier, on Sunday, the TIB in a statement sent to the media said that the government was purchasing wheat from Russia beyond market price.

It also said that the government's move to procure wheat from Russia at a higher rate was against the interests of the people.

By purchasing wheat from Russia at a higher price, the government has ignored its own austerity policy, the statement further said.

Mr Hossain said that this kind of report should be more informative.

It is necessary to import wheat to ensure a buffer stock of food grains in the country, said the secretary.

India imposed a ban on wheat export, or else the import of wheat from India could have been cost effective, he said.

The food secretary said that the government had sent letters to 10 countries for purchasing wheat including Argentina, Australia and Canada. A tonne of wheat from those countries costs above US$ 500.

After negotiations, the government signed a deal with Russia for importing wheat at a rate of $480 per tonne, he said.

"No irregularities happened regarding import of wheat from Russia," he asserted.


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