Sunday 26, March 2023

"Govt snatched all democratic rights of citizens"

Time Digital Report:Chief coordinator of Ganosamhati Andolon Junaid Saki has said that the present government has snatched all the rights of the citizens.

"At last, they snatched the right to vote," he said this at the mourning meeting of Siddiqul Islam, president of Mawlana Bhashani Foundation in Chattogram, who died in November last year. The meeting was held at Chattogram Press Club this afternoon.

"We will have to bring back our right to vote for the sake of establishing our democratic rights."

Terming the incumbent government fascist and authoritarian, he said, "It is impossible to work independently in almost every sector in the country. No citizen in the country would live with dignity unless compromising with government."

"It is very surprising that a traditional political party like Awami League, following the previous autocratic governments, wants to snatch all the democratic rights of the citizens," he said.

He added that people will no longer tolerate it. He urged the government to step down.

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