Sunday 2, April 2023

Human rights violation in BD: BNP leader joins mother's funeral with handcuffs, shackled on leg

Time Digital Report: Ali Azam, president of the BNP's Boali union unit in Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur, has conducted the namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers) of his mother on Tuesday (December 20) morning with handcuffs and shackled on leg.

He was released on parole from Gazipur District Jail on Tuesday morning after the death of his mother.

Many people condemned the governments and cops for this inhuman works on their Facebook profile.

"Ali Azam, President of Bawali Union BNP of Kaliakair Upazila of Gazipur, performed the funeral of his mother with handcuffs and sticks. He was released on parole from the district jail on Tuesday morning after receiving the news of his mother's death and attended the funeral at his home in Kaliakore's Pabriachala area.

The current dictatorial government has no humanity in this Bangladesh." posted Md Afcher Uddin.

Md Afcher Uddin

"Where is the end of this cruelty?

The BNP leader performed his mother's funeral with handcuffs and sticks.

Details:" Ahsanul Haque criticised on his Facebook profile with news link of " Prothom Alo".

Ahsanul Haque

"Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said on Wednesday that handcuffs and leg irons should have been removed when a prisoned BNP leader attended his mother’s funeral on parole in Gazipur." posted on The Business Post's Facebook Profile where Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud defamed the inhuman activities.

Business post openion of Hasaan Mahmud

A Facebook profile named "Dada Vhai" posted a video where mass people criticised the inhuman works. The caption of the post was: "Gazipur's BNP leader Ali Azam is leading his mother's funeral prayers with handcuffs and sticks.

It is surely inhumane and illegal to bring a person detained in a political case in front of the public in this way."

Dada Vhai

(The report was prepared by S M Shahjahan Kabir and edited by Gazi Anowarul Hoque.)

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