Tuesday 27, September 2022

Hyder Husyn faced second heart attack

News Desk: Prominent singer-lyricist Hyder Husyn has been hospitalised after suffering from a heart attack. The singer is currently undergoing treatment at a reputed hospital in Bashundhara. A ring (stent) was placed in his heart on Wednesday afternoon.

Hyder Husyn started feeling chest pain on Tuesday morning and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon. The doctors believe that he suffered from the heart attack between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM that night.

The singer suffered from his first heart attack in America back in 2016. Two rings were placed on his heart back then. The singer had also been suffering from diabetes for a long time.

Hyder Husyn, one of the founders of the Bangladeshi band "Winning", wrote the song "Mon Ki Je Chay Bolo". He started his career as an engineer in the Bangladesh Air Force. Husyn has been involved in the Bangladeshi music scene since 1979. He is known to his fans for popular songs such as "Tirish Bochor" and "Ami Faisa Gechi", among others.


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