Monday 29, May 2023

Islami Chhatra shibir protests occupation of Manarat University

Time News Desk: Dhaka Metropolitan North Branch of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir staged a demonstration in the capital to protest against the gradual occupation of private universities and the illegal method of restructuring the Board of Trustees of Manarat International University by anti-Islamic groups.

Zakir Hossain, president of the student branch lead the demonstration in the capital on Monday evening, says a press release.

Leaders and workers of various levels including the secretary of the metropolis were present in the protest. After the protest march, they held a rally there.

The leaders in the gathering said that the university is a systematic, legitimate, ethical place of knowledge development. All concerned, including the director of the university, have to abide by the question of ethics. But the illegal government is taking over the private universities one after another like char ( govt demesne) occupation in immoral ways. Recently, the government has formed new board of Manarat University by force using the administration in an unethical manner by removing those who are running the board of trustees with reputation.

Those who have been appointed as members of the new board are involved in various unethical activities including vote rigging, fanatic Islamophobia, misconduct. If the people involved in the management of a university are despotic and unethical then it is clear what role they will play for the students and the nation. Essentially, the government has taken over the board of trustees of one of the oldest and most successful private universities in the country with controversial figures to facilitate a vicious cycle of usurpation.

The leaders also said that the occupation of Manarat is not an isolated incident but only the implementation of the blue plan to destroy the education system of the country. In order to fulfill their nefarious purpose by illegal means, the Occupiers have chosen the method of propaganda in the name of Jamaat-Shibir. We want to make it clear that the countrymen and students are alert and aware. The countrymen are well aware of the evils of this evil cycle. The board of trustees of the newly formed Manarat should be canceled immediately and the board should be formed with moral and qualified people. Encroachment of private universities must be stopped. Otherwise the student community will be forced to take to the streets with the general public in a strict program against the occupiers.

At the end, the leaders called on every student, teachers, parents to be united and play effective role to stop the continuous encroachment of private universities.

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