Saturday 10, December 2022

Lyricist and journalist Tarik Abedin joins online news portal dhakamail

Time News Desk: A popular lyricist and journalist M. Tarik Abedin Emon joined the online news portal He has recently joined as Senior Staff Reporter. He is hopeful that he will do well there.

M Tarik Abedin is a most popular lyricist and journalist in Bangladesh. However, he is well known as a lyricist. He usually writes social and life oriented songs. Recently several of his songs have been hit through social media.

A number of songs written by Tarik Abedin have been sung by Tasrif Khan, a vocalist of the popular Kureghar band. In the Corona situation he has done two songs titled in the Middle Ages and Extreme Hygiene has won the hearts of millions of listeners?

Tarik Abedin also wrote songs about women. “You are a very strong woman, you are a good woman, if you are a woman, and you will struggle to win your whole life.” This song has already spread widely, he added.

Tarik Abedin has also written several songs about children. The song ‘ami ki jantam, ful pakhi chintam,ful pakhi chenalo ke, ma amader ma, written about children has also spread widely. Amirul Mominin Manik, Jaima Noor and many others have also sung Tariq Abedin's songs.

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