Saturday 24, September 2022

Madrassah teacher protests against fictitious’ cases near SC gate

News Desk: A madrassah teacher, his wife and their two children, including a minor daughter, on Monday held a sit-in protest near the entrance of Supreme Court premises seeking respite from police harassment in various ‘fictitious’ cases filed against him.

Police, however, removed the 42-year-old mathematics teacher of Hajiganj’s Kakoirtola Islamia Madrassah, Iqbal Hossain, from the Mazar Gate of the court after he held the protest for about an hour with a banner.

Iqbal, a resident of Shahrasti Upazila in Chandpur, sought the chief justice’s intervention for action against one Azizul Haque Patwari and his cohorts, who he alleged were behind the ‘false and repressive’ cases against him.

He told reporters that a total of 21 cases were filed against him at the instruction of Aziz, a locally influential person, in many districts after he participated in the madrassah’s governing body election in 2016.

The police have been harassing him in various ways in the cases, he added.

Besides the cases, the teacher said, a total of 125 complaints were lodged against him to remove him from the madrassah.


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