Friday 3, February 2023

Mia Golam Parwar re-elected as General Secretary

Jamaat's new committee announced

Time News Desk: The Central Majlis Shura of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has formed its new committee. It announced the names of Nayeb-E Ameer, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Central Executive Council, and Working Council for the term of 2023-2025, says a press release.

Professor Mujibur Rahman, Dr. Syed Abdullah Md. Taher and Maulana ANM Shamsul Islam were elected as Nayeb-E Ameer in the Central Majlis of the party for the term of 2023-2025 On Friday (December 2).

Prof. Mia Golam Parwar was elected Secretary General. Maulana ATM Masum, Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan, Hamidur Rahman Azad, Maulana Abdul Halim, Advocate Moazzam Hossain Helal, Maulana Md. Shahjahan and Advocate Ehsanul Mahbub Zobair were elected Assistant Secretary General respectively.

Advocate Matiur Rahman Akand was given the responsibility of Central Publicity and Media Secretary.

Jamaat-e-Islami chief Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said in his presidential address that at this time, the country is in dire straits. The unbearable condition of the people due to the political crisis, economic mismanagement, continuous increase in commodity prices, anarchy in the education campus, and water, gas, and electricity crisis is everywhere.

He pointed out the way to save the nation from this terrible situation and said, "to save the nation from this terrible situation, a people's government must be established through a fair, free, impartial, and acceptable election under the caretaker government."

Ameer-e-Jamaat said Bangladesh is a Muslim country. According to government statistics, the Muslim population of this country is 92 percent. Therefore, it is natural that Islam will have an influence everywhere in national life. But today the entire nation has been engulfed by anti-Islamic activities.

Amir Jamaat highlighted the terrible picture of the society and said, "Today the people of Bangladesh have no rights. In 14 years of authoritarian rule, just as human rights have been abolished, the economic system has also been destroyed. By taking up mega projects, by prolonging the work period, theft, looting and money laundering abroad have been arranged. Bangladesh people's money has been used to build Begum Para in Canada, second homes in Malaysia, and luxury houses in Singapore and Dubai.

The dirty paws of looters have fallen on Islami Bank. With the dedication of the entrepreneurs and the hard and sincere work of the employees and the love of the people, Islami Bank became the largest bank in Bangladesh. Those who worked at the beginning of the establishment of this bank played a role in creating funds by creating customers at home and abroad and involving various individuals, organizations and institutions.

He said, "This bank is like our child. We cannot tolerate bank assassination conspiracy before our eyes. People of this country saw us and deposited in Islamic Bank. This bank cannot be left in the hands of any robbers. We have to play the role of independent watchmen along with the people to protect the bank. We have to deal with this situation with patience and togetherness without panicking and transferring shares or withdrawing money.

Ameer Jamaat said, 'Bangladesh Bank, the Ministry of Finance, and the regulatory institutions of the government as regulatory bodies during the robbery of Islami Bank should make it clear in front of the nation. If any official has assisted in the implementation of illegal orders, then they should also be brought under the law.

He also said, "There is terrible political instability in the country today. Political parties are not allowed to speak. The constitutional right to protest against injustice has been taken away. The nation has been crippled economically. The people's government should be established to free the country and its people from this situation.

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