Sunday 26, March 2023

Mim confirms web-series debut

Time Entertainment Desk: Bidya Sinha Mim has been busy shooting her upcoming film "Manush", which will see her star opposite Kolkata actor Jeet, in India. While the shooting for the film has been underway, rumours surrounding Mim's web-series debut have been circulating around the showbiz industry in Bangladesh.

To verify these rumours, our correspondent reached out to the actress today.

"It's true. I will soon be working on a web-series for the first time," shared Mim. "I can't share too much about the series as of yet. But, I can say that the project will be very interesting."

"I have spent over a decade in this industry, earning the love and respect from the audience with my hard work and honesty. I believe this web-series will be another milestone in my career," added Mim. "The audience will get another good show to watch. So, I have been preparing myself for this series with that in mind."

Mim's debut web-series will be directed by the renowned director, Sunny Sanwar, under the banner of Hoichoi.

Fans of the actress will also be happy to know that "Damal" will be screened at the Dhaka International Film Festival today at 7 pm. Concerning this, the actress said, "It's good to know that the audience will be watching 'Damal' today. My character in the film was different from what I had previously portrayed in my career. Let the audience watch the film, and share their opinions on it."

After spending a long vacation with her family, Mim is currently busy with shooting "Manush" in Kolkata. "I will be returning to Kolkata again in March to complete the shooting. 'Manush' will be an interesting film for my fans.It has been a pleasure working alongside Jeet. He is not only a great actor but also a man with a big heart."

Bidya Sinha Mim spent her New Year and marriage anniversary with her family in Dubai, before going to Kolkata for shooting. "I made some beautiful memories in Dubai with my husband and family," shared Mim.

Speaking about her plans, Mim said, "I want to live with everyone's love and be a part of good projects. These are the only things I wish for."


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