Monday 5, June 2023

Movie 'Hawa' violates Wildlife Act: Authority

Time News Desk: The Wildlife Crime Control Unit of the Forest Department has claimed that wildlife conservation laws were violated in the movie "Hawa", particularly in a scene that shows a shalik being kept in a cage.

On Thursday, August 11, afternoon, a four-member team from the Wildlife Crime Control Unit watched "Hawa" at the Bashundhara City branch of Star Cineplex in Dhaka.

After watching the movie, the Forest Department's wildlife and biodiversity conservation officer, Rathindra Kumar Biswas, informed that the Wildlife Conservation and Security Act of 2012 was violated due to the scene featuring a captivated shalik.

He also added that in light of this experience, they would be submitting an investigation report to the Forest Department, so that authorities can later decide whether or not to file a case over the matter. Biswas however noted that in his opinion, the law has been violated.

Biswas also elaborated on the issue saying that since a shalik is being show imprisoned in a cage all the time, it sends a message to the audience that birds can be kept captive inside of cages.

Regarding these allegations, Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, the director of "Hawa", told the media that he will talk about the accusations once he has received an official notice from the Forest Department.

It should be noted that around 33 environmental organisations have issued statements expressing their concerns over the scene in question. Many have demanded that the particular scene is removed from the film.


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