Tuesday 21, March 2023

'Nagar Baul' releases new song

News Desk: Rock icon James is all set to release his latest song "I Love You" on the night before Eid-Ul-Fitr. This is his first original release after a decade. The 'Nagar Baul' singer arranged a special conference at a reputed club in Gulshan, to talk about his upcoming track.

James became an international sensation in Bollywood, by giving superhit tracks such as "Bheegi Bheegi", "Chal Chale Apne Ghar", and "Alvida", among others. The singer had been missing from Bollywood for 9 years since his last track "Bebasi" came out in 2013.

During the press meet, one of the journalists asked him about his probable absence from Bollywood.

"I could have easily made my career in Bollywood, but the idea of settling there would mean leaving Bangladesh for good. I can't leave my country, as it's near impossible for me. No amount of temptations or bigger opportunities could pursue me to establish myself in Bollywood for good," said James.

"I have made this song specifically for my lovely fans and followers. This song is especially for those who rush to the field to listen to my song," mentioned the singer.

The trailer of James' "I Love You" song was released on Bashundhara Digital's Youtube channel yesterday.


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