Thursday 23, March 2023

New market shops reopen today after negotiation

[04/21/2022] Gazi Anowarul Haque.

Time News:

Following  the clash between businessmen and students of Dhaka College, various shops in New Market have started opening.

Most of the shops in New Market, Gaussia, Chandrima and Nurjahan Market were opened at 11 am on Thursday. Buyers were also seen at various stores during this time.

However, 5 shops burnt in Nurjahan Market were not opened. Moreover, 50-60 shops on the ground floor of Nurjahan Market are closed due to breakdown of Central AC. Shop owners have been seen cleaned down these shops.

Aminul Islam Shahin, president of the Newmarket Shop Association, told TNBD .

There was a meeting on last night. Officials of the Ministry of Education, DMP officials, President-General Secretary of Bangladesh Shop Owners Association, representatives of traders of different markets in New Market area, teachers and students of Dhaka College were present there.

The market has been reopened today on the basis of the decision of the meeting.

"We all want peaceful co-existence,"Aminul Islam Shahin said.

It was decided at the meeting that action would be taken against those involved after verifying the CCTV footage and various information. A committee consisting of police, businessmen, teachers and students will be formed. If there is ever a problem, it can be complained to that committee.

The committee will investigate and take action, he added.

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