Saturday 10, December 2022

Omar Sani submits written complaint against Zayed Khan

News Desk: Film actor Omar Sani has submitted a written complaint to Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association against actor Zayed Khan on Sunday night.

‘Zayed Khan has been harassing my wife Arifa Parven Zaman Mousumi for the past four months. I have tried to talk to him out of it many times. At the wedding ceremony of Dipjol bhai’s son, I requested him to give up but he got angry and pulled a gun on me. I believe that a gun wielding miscreant like him should not remain a member of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. I urge the association to take action against him,’ reads the compliant.

The BFAA joint general secretary Symon Sadik said, ‘We have received a written complaint from Omar Sani. We will soon call a meeting and discuss about the issue.’


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