Sunday 4, June 2023

OTT will surpass city boundaries soon: Apurba

Apurba is one of the busiest stars on television. The actor, who took a break for a few days for a vacation abroad, is busy shooting for multiple Eid projects.

In a conversation with The Daily Star, the "Batch 27" actor talked about his upcoming Eid fictions, his favourite character, and more.

I have already started shooting for many projects. Last week, I completed shooting for Mohidul Islam's Eid fiction opposite Mehazabien, and will soon start working on Shihab Shaheen's comedy drama alongside Sabila Nur this week. I will start shooting for more Eid projects soon.

Over the last few years, Television has doubled the production of Eid dramas. Is it possible for them to maintain a good quality?

The number of television channels have multiplied over the years, and the audiences' tastes have changed. Nowadays, many good productions are being made, keeping in mind the interests of the audiences. Viewers have many options to choose from, so I don't think there's any scope to complain.

What are your thoughts on the rise of OTT?

OTT projects usually have bigger production units and huge budgets, so there is a lot of scope to experiment with the plot. Viewers are able to watch quality, film-level content within the comforts of their home.

I have worked in many web-series and my experience assures me that OTT will surpass the boundaries of city life, and habituate people from rural areas to its. Throughout your career, you have enacted various roles. Is there any character that you want to play?

My dream role is to play Amit from Rabindranath Tagore's iconic novel "Shesher Kobita". This is one of my favourite novels, and I am exceptionally drawn to Amit's character. I really want to play this role, as it touches my heart.


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