Sunday 2, April 2023

People's trust is our greatest strength: PM

Time Digital Report: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said that the confidence and trust of the mass people is the biggest strength of the Awami League. We don’t have any other strength. We only believe in the power of the mass people.

I accepted leadership of the party this time considering the volatile global economic situation, She told.

Sheikh Hasina said this while exchanging greetings with party leaders and activists at Ganabhaban after being elected president of AL for the 10th time.

"You must strengthen the party giving highest priority to this. This is my request to you," she told party leaders and activists.

She put importance on establishing Awami League offices in every district and upazila.

"The central AL will help the local units if they are unable to set up their offices," she said.

She put emphasis on utilizing every inch of arable land in the country to increase production for averting any unwanted situation.

She mentioned that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war, and sanctions, economic recession has gripped the whole world. "Many rich countries have already declared to be in recession. Bangladesh must not get trapped in that situation. If we can produce extra food, we can export those in many countries mitigating our own demands."

Sheikh Hasina put emphasis on strengthening the party through recruiting new members.

"We will form eight new teams for the eight divisions, their responsibilities will be to look after the recruitment of the new members," she said.

She said that AL is the only organization that developed from the land and people of this country while BNP and Jatiya Party came from the pockets of military rulers who grabbed state powers illegally, violating the constitution of the country.

"They do not have any responsibility towards the people whereas we have the duties to improve the fate of the masses. Each and every leader and activist of AL have responsibilities in this regard," she told.


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