Saturday 24, September 2022

Pick-up van carrying cattle hits toll plaza barrier at Zajira end

News Desk: A pick-up van carrying cattle hit a barrier at the toll plaza on Jazira end of Padma Bridge today (Monday, July 4) while trying the leave the plaza without paying toll.

The barrier sustained some damage when the incident took place around 11:30am at toll booth number 2, reports our Shariatpur correspondent quoting Abul Hossain, superintendent engineer of Bangladesh Bridge Authority.

"A pick-up van driver Md Shah Alam tried to enter Padma Bridge from Jazira end without paying toll and hit the barrier bar of booth number 2," he said.

"Toll plaza staff detained the van for some time before letting it go after collecting toll. The incident did not pause toll collection at the booth," Abul Hossain said.

"There is no scope to cross toll plaza without paying toll since the bars are only lifted after the toll is collected by plaza staff," he also said.

"Technical staff later repaired the damaged bar around 12pm," the official added.

Earlier on June 28, a bus hit the barrier of booth number 3 at the toll plaza.


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