Monday 29, May 2023

PM Hasina stresses 6 proposals to face crises caused by Ukraine war

Time Digital News: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed six proposals to overcome the crises caused by Ukraine war that has rattled the global economy and added fresh challenges to Covid-19 recovery and SDG implementation process.

The Prime Minister placed the proposals at a roundtable convened by the UN Secretary-General together with the GCRG (Global Crisis Response Group) Champions on Wednesday.

She stressed the need for strong political commitment and global solidarity in finding ways to overcome the crises.

In her first proposal, the Prime Minister said it is needed to address the volatility of the global financial and economic outlook.

“The G-7, G-20, OECD, IFIs, MDBs should now scale up efforts to address the immediate concerns. These include lack of SDGs financing, limited fiscal space, declining ODA, and debt servicing,” she added.

Secondly, she said, “We commend you, Mr. Secretary General for your pivotal role in the Black Sea Grain initiative. We commit to support any such future initiatives for keeping the food production and delivery system out of harm's way during conflicts.”

In the third proposal, the Prime Minister referred to the need of bold and comprehensive measures to revitalize global trade and said it is imperative to ensure fair share of low and middle-income countries in global trade and export earnings.

The premier, in her fourth proposal, said that there should be increased investments in the agriculture sector of the developing countries to enhance productivity, and for effective food storage and distribution systems.

Fifthly, she said, they need to make the global architecture for climate cooperation more effective and just.

The Prime Minister congratulated the UN Secretary General for his persistent efforts which she believes has made some headway, and would hopefully arrive soon with a mutually agreeable solution.

The premier again thanked the UN Secretary General for mobilizing the UN system to respond to the crises, saying, "The three policy briefs produced before us provide important policy directions, and we stand ready to work with other partners to advance the right policy options to emerge out of these crises."


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