Friday 3, February 2023

Rab is ready to face any situation during Dec-10 rally

Time Digital Report: Special forces, special dog squad, bomb disposal unit, helicopter unit of RAB will be kept ready to tackle any situation at BNP's December 10 rally, commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the elite force's Legal and Media Wing, said today.

He said that RAB intelligence members will be deployed in white clothes so that no destractive situation is created.

He also said there is a fair and normal political situation in the country at present. Government and the opposite parties are carrying out their political programs. RAB has generally gained confidence in arresting militants, drug dealers, weapon holders and warrant accused.

On September 27, BNP announced holding public rallies in 10 divisional cities. The party will conclude the divisional programmes by holding a rally in Dhaka on December 10.


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