Saturday 24, September 2022

‘Re-education’ camps: Xi defends China’s rights progress

News Desk: Chinese President Xi Jinping held a video call with UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet yesterday, as she visits Xinjiang during a mission overshadowed by fresh allegations of Uyghur abuses and fears she is being used as a public relations tool.

China is accused of detaining over one million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the far-western region as part of a years-long crackdown the United States and lawmakers in other Western countries have labelled a "genocide".

As part of a long-awaited visit, Bachelet is expected to visit the cities of Urumqi and Kashgar on a six-day tour that has been dogged by concerns from Western officials and rights groups that the Communist Party will attempt to use it to whitewash abuses.

But Xi defended his country's rights progress.

"Human rights issues should also not be politicised, instrumentalised, or treated with double standards," Xi said according to CCTV, adding that China had "a human rights development path that... suits its national conditions". CCTV reported Xi as telling Bachelet there was no "ideal nation" on human rights.


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