Wednesday 29, June 2022

Road traffic accident increases for lack of effective steps

News Desk: Voicing deep concerns over the loss of lives in road accidents during the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays, Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader yesterday said no effective steps have been taken to reduce road crashes.

In a statement, he said though 50 years have elapsed since the independence of Bangladesh, roads are still not safe for people.

"Countless people are dying on the roads every day. There is almost no effective measure to prevent accidents. Deaths on roads every day seem to be a normal affair now," the Jatiya Party chief observed.

Referring to the statistics of the Road Safety Foundation, he said 139 people died in 112 road accidents in five days from May 1 to 5. Of them, GM Quader said 56 were motorcyclists.

He also said 249 people, including 97 motorcyclists, died in 178 road accidents from April 25 to May 5.

Besides, the Jatiya Party chief said many people were injured in these accidents.

He said people lost their lives in road accidents on their way to homes to share the joy of Eid with their loved ones.

"Eid-ul-Fitr has become mournful for the families of the victims due to unsafe roads. The people of the country do not want to hear the news of such tragic accidents every day," GM Quader said.

Stating that the authorities concerned need to be more proactive in ensuring road safety, he demanded legal action against those responsible for the accidents.


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