Saturday 24, September 2022

Russian ship anchors at Mongla since Ukraine invasion

News Desk: A Russian cargo ship arrived at Mongla port yesterday for the first time since the Russia-Ukraine war started in February this year.

Mongla Port Authority (MPA) Chairman Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa said the Russian-flagged MV Kamilla with around 3,328 tonnes of machinery for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, docked at the port yesterday afternoon.

A Mongla port official said Russian cargo ships will arrive regularly in Bangladesh from now on.

He said, "War is an internal matter of that country. Machinery or state-of-the-art equipment required for all ongoing mega projects in our country are imported from abroad. So, these products are coming to Mongla port as per the rules.

"Our trade relations with Russia are good even though there has been a break for some time due to the war between that country and Ukraine. From now on, products will arrive regularly by Russian ships."

Nuru and Sons owner, HM Dulal, a sub-contractor involved in importing machinery for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, told reporter, "The ship left Temryuk port in Russia on 28 June with the goods for Rooppur nuclear power plant. There are 13 sailors on board.

"The arrival of Russian ships at Mongla port temporarily stopped due to the Russia-Ukraine war. The last Russian-flagged ship that arrived at the port before this one was MV Fesco Uliss, which docked here on 18 October 2021."


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