Wednesday 29, June 2022

Salman Khan gets temporal discharge from MHC

News Desk: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is now off the hook as the Bombay High Court has granted him a temporary discharge for a case. The actor was caught in the legal net for allegedly misbehaving with a journalist.

On April 24, 2019, journalist Ashok Pandey filed a case against Salman Khan and his bodyguard Nawaz Sheikh in the Andheri Magistrate Court in Mumbai. Based on this, the actor and the bodyguard were summoned. The summons stated that Salman and Nawaz Sheikh will have to appear before the court on April 5. The court had summoned Salman under IPC sections 504 and 506.

According to journalist Ashok Pandey's complaint, he was driving from Juhu to Kandivali on April 24, 2019 with his photographer when he saw Salman riding his bicycle. The journalist then sought permission from Salman's bodyguards to make his video and his bodyguards gave him permission. Salman noticed that Ashok Pandey was making his video and he suddenly lost his cool.

Salman and his bodyguard approached the high court to get rid of case. However, the court had deferred the April 5 summons to May 5.

Salman and Nawaz Sheikh countered the scene with applied challenging the summons. The Bombay High Court accepted the application and further deferred the date of summons. The day of summons has reportedly been postponed till June 13

Following Salman's orders, his bodyguards scuffled with this journalist. Ashok Pandey then filed a complaint saying Salman snatched his cellphone. The journalist even claimed that Salman physically assaulted him.

Journalist Ashok Pandey also alleged that the police had not conducted any investigation into his case.


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