Sunday 25, September 2022

Sani, Moushumi’s 27 yrs of togetherness

News Desk: Celebrity couple Omar Sani and Moushumi's eternal love initially blossomed on the big screen. Their incredible chemistry on-screen turned into a whirlwind romance, leading to the couple tying the knot on August 2, 1995.

The couple have enjoyed a long and beautiful conjugal life, now celebrating 27 years of their marriage. Let's take a short walk down memory lane, and recall this superstar couple's highlights.

The first movie where Sani and Moushumi worked together was "Dola", directed by Dilip Shom, which was released in 1994. In the movie, Moushumi plays the role of a wealthy rich girl, Dola, who is from a well-off Hindu family. Omar Sani plays the role of Shoikot, the man who falls madly in love with her. This is the couple's first movie Moushumi and in the movie, their characters fall in love and become the ultimate symbol of true love and honesty.

Omar Sani and Moushumi have worked in more than 40 films and have given several hits such as: "Dola", "Atto Ahankar", "Laat Saheber Meye", "Rongin Rangbaz", "Priyo Tumi", among others.

The couple have been blessed with two children Fardeen and Faiza. Their son, Fardeen Ehsan tied the knot with Sadia Rahman Ayesha last year.

All true love must go through tests and times of hardship. This year, the couple went through a rough patch but were able to quickly sort it out, resulting in them being happier than ever.

"Both of us have a lot of trust and confidence in the other. We try to understand each other and ensure that we both have our own personal space. At the same time, we love and care for our children. I want to spend the rest of my life with Moushumi," said Omar Sani.


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