Thursday 18, August 2022

Serbia keens to recruit workers from Bangladesh

Time Digital News: The European country Serbia has shown its interest to recruit skilled and semi-skilled workers including doctors, engineers, nurses and teachers, said Foreign Minister, AK Abdul Momen.

The minister was speaking to reporters after a bilateral meeting with Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic at the Foreign Service Academy on Wednesday (May 25th).

"Serbia is happy with our workforce as they want to take more skilled workers from our country", said Minister.

"We discussed how to increase trade between Bangladesh and Serbia. They have expressed interest in increasing trade and commerce in our country", he said.

Two memorandums have already been signed for visa free travel for diplomatic and government passport holders and regular Foreign Office Consultations (FOCs).

There is interest in hiring workers from Bangladesh as it is a problem that the country does not have an embassy in Dhaka. Their embassy is in New Delhi. We are thinking about how to give them visa easily, he told.

Mentioning that many countries have free trade with Serbia so there are huge benefits for us. Tariff benefits will be available from them. Moreover Serbia is very skilled in structural development, he added.

They are giving scholarships to our students, But sadly few students from our country have applied for scholarship, he also added.

Edited by S M Shahjahan Kabir

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