Saturday 24, September 2022

Shakib Khan's ‘Golui’ to be released in the US

News Desk: Shakib Khan and Puja Chery starrer "Golui" is set to be released in 100 theatres across the US. The movie was originally released in Bangladesh during Eid-ul-Fitr of this year.

"Golui" is directed by S A Haque Olike. The director confirmed the news that the movie would be releasing in the US to media, "The fact that a Bangladeshi movie is being released in the US is very good news. This is the start of our country's films making a place in the global market. I am grateful for the audience of the movie in helping us get to this stage."

The director also mentioned that "Golui" will be released on July 8 in a total of 100 theatres in 58 cities across the US.

On June 23, an agreement was reached with the director, producer and Bioscope the North American film distribution company.


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