Saturday 24, September 2022

Sonu Nigam Performs At Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha after KK's demise

News Desk: Sonu Nigam had assured that he will perform in Kolkata as per schedule, despite criticisms surrounding the arrangement of live shows in Kolkata, especially after KK's death on May 31.

Sonu was live at Nazrul Mancha, bringing back memories of KK's last performance at that stage. Amidst a careful security team and necessary announcements, the veteran singer sang all his memorable tunes at the event titled Jodhpur Park Utsav 2022.

The auditorium was filled to the brim, but everything was handled according to protocol. Not just added security, but the high-profile concert adhered to the SOP sent by Lalbazar. There was more than one ambulance stationed outside the auditorium in case of an emergency.

After KK's tragic demise after his concert at Nazrul Mancha, there was nationwide anger at the organisers of that event, accusing them of mismanagement. The 53-year-old singer was rushed to a hospital after his show in the overcrowded Nazrul Mancha. KK had even complained about the venue being too hot, but the air conditioning was not working properly.


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