Thursday 23, March 2023

Soybean oil price increases Tk 38 higher from May 6

News Desk: The government has once again increased bottled edible oil prices by Tk 38 a litre and the loose ones by Tk 44 a litre with effect from Friday.

A litre of bottled soybean oil will now be sold at Tk 198, up from Tk 160, and the loose soybean oil at Tk 180 a litre, up from Tk 136.

Meaning, a five-litre container of soybean oil will now cost Tk 985, which was hovering around Tk 760.

The commerce ministry approved the higher rates of oil today as per the previous proposal submitted by the edible oil importers, refiners and wholesalers before the Eid holiday.

The government has raised the price of edible oil for the third time in the last four months.

However, the prices of bottled edible soybean oil were reduced once on March 20 when the bottled oil price was cut by Tk 8 to Tk 160 a litre and the loose oil by Tk 7 to Tk 136.


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